The St John of the Cross Museum is placed in the city of Úbeda, located 10 kilometres away from Baeza and 40 kilometres away from the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas Natural Park.


Located in the province of Jaén, it is known as the capital of Andalusian Renaissance. It is located on a hill next to the Guadalquivir, in the comarca of la Loma. Its historic centre was labelled Conjunto Histórico-Artístico, which includes a splendid monumental heritage conformed by churches, palaces and “noble houses”. Úbeda’s Renaissance Monumental Ensemble has been inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

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Also located in the province of Jaén, it is placed on a slight hill, which dominates an olive grove landscape in the comarca of La Loma. It was labelled Conjunto Histórico-Artístico and inscribed in UNESCO’s World Heritage List thanks to its incredible Renaissance heritage. It is peculiar the contrast of carved stone contrasts and whitewash “caseríos” in this city that is part of both the Andalusian Renaissance Route and the Nazarite Route. It is an exceptional place from where you can visit the region and taste the Mediterranean diet cornerstone – pure olive oil.

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This mountain range is protected the Natural Park designation. Here you will find here what you are looking for: relief and well conserved landscapes full of life where no aggressive elements crash the harmony and the purity of the place.

This huge territory was one of the firsts to be declared National Park in Andalusia. And it deserves it.

It is the largest wood area in Spain and its biodiversity is outstanding.

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