A big part of the places and ways related to the saint is in Andalusia, above all in Jaén. Úbeda is greatly important, for the Museum houses the place where Fray John died and was buried, and also conserves several major relics for their veneration.

Our community also offers the possibility of going through these places with a religious man who will introduce you in situ to the life and work of the mystic saint.

The ways of ST John of the Cross

  • Way 1: Úbeda – Villanueva del Arzobispo – El Calvario – Beas de Segura
  • Way 2: Úbeda – Baeza
  • Way 3: Úbeda – Guadalimar – Vílchez – La Carolina
  • Way 4: Úbeda – Granada
  • Way 5: Úbeda – Mancha Real – Jaén